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Rigid-flex PCB

Rigid-flex PCB

The Rigid-flex PCB is a flexible circuit board and a rigid circuit board, which are combined by pressing processes and the like according to the relevant process requirements to form a circuit board having FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics.

Advantages: The Rigid-flex PCB has both the characteristics of the FPC and the characteristics of the PCB. Therefore, it can be used in some products with special requirements, both a certain flexible area and a certain rigid area to save the internal space of the product. It is of great help to reduce the volume of finished products and improve product performance.

Manufacturing Difficulty: The production process of soft and hard composite boards is numerous, the production is difficult, the yield is low, and the materials and manpower are more. Therefore, the price is relatively expensive and the production cycle is relatively long.

Rigid-flex PCB is widely used, such as: high-end smartphones such as iPhone; high-end Bluetooth headsets (required for signal transmission distance); smart wearable devices; robots; drones; curved displays; high-end industrial control equipment. With the integration of smart devices, lightweight, miniaturization, and the new requirements of Industry 4.0 for personalized production and its excellent physical properties, the Rigid-flex PCB will surely shine in the near future.

Simple Rigid-flex PCB Production Process
Cutting→Mechanical drilling→Plating through hole→filming→exposure→developing→etching→peeling→false bonding→hot pressing→surface treatment→processing combination→test→punching→inspection→packaging

Multi-layer Rigid-flex PCB Production Process
Unloading→Pre-bake→Inner layer pattern transfer→Inner layer pattern etching→AOI detection→Laminated inner layer wiring layer→punching positioning hole→multilayer lamination→drilling through hole→plasma decontamination→metallized hole→ Graphic plating → outer layer transfer → etched outer layer pattern → AOI inspection → laminated outer cover layer or coated protective layer → surface coating → electrical property test → shape processing → inspection → packaging

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