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PCB Fabrication

PCB Fabrication

PCBSKY offers types of PCB fabrication services from China with its professional PCB manufacturing factory experience. PCBSKY is a quality PCB Layout/PCB/FPC/SMT manufacturer in China, providing full PCB fabrication and assembly services in certified quality standards. We specialize in quick turn PCB & prototypes.

Manufacturing process

PCB is an important electronic component, and the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components. After using PCB in electronic equipment, because of the consistency of the same kind of PCB, the error of manual wiring can be avoided, and the electronic components can be automatically inserted and mounted, soldered and inspected, which reduces the production cost and facilitates maintenance.
Metal core PCB (MCPCB) attaches the original printed circuit board to another metal with better heat conduction effect, which can improve the heat dissipation at the circuit board level.
High frequency PCB refers to the special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency, which is used in the field of high frequency and microwave. High frequency PCB is a part of the manufacturing process of copper clad microwave substrates using common rigid circuit boards or using special treatment methods to produce circuit boards.
Flexible PCB is a highly reliable and excellent flexible printed circuit board based on polyimide or polyester film. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness and good flexibility.
Blind via hole: Connect the outermost circuit of PCB to the adjacent inner layer by plating holes.
Buried hole: The connection of any circuit layer inside PCB is not connected to the outer layer.
SMT is a mounting technology that directly attaches or solders surface assembly components to the specified position on the surface of PCB without drilling and inserting holes into the PCB.
Rigid-flex PCB is a kind of circuit board with FPC and PCB characteristics, which is formed by combining flexible circuit board and hard circuit board through pressing and other processes and according to relevant process requirements.
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